This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about Metro Driving Academy, or if you need support, please call our number at 03-78459898 (Subang Campus) 03-80618989 (Puchong Campus)

We have 2 main campus which is Metro Driving Academy Subang HQ & Metro Driving Academy Puchong HQ.

Lot 3509, Seksyen U6, Kampung Melayu Subang, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

Lot 3579 Jalan Akademi Pulau Meranti, 47120 Puchong, Selangor

For your information, we operate 7 days a week.
Our operating hours are : Monday to Sunday (8.00 am – 4.00 pm)

Sorry, we do not operate through branches or agent. But we can provide transport shuttle service from our selective pick up points nearby to your location. Our Campus located only at Subang Campus and Puchong Campus.

Yes we are providing transport shuttle service from our selective pickup points nearby to your location.
And also pick up from your doostep (additional charges) . Please click this link for more info ➜ FREE PICK UP   





  • Motorcycle/Superbike License – 16 years old and above.
  • Car License – 17 years old and above.
  • Vocational License – 21 years old and above.

The different if you posses Automatic License (DA), you only allowed to drive an Automatic transmission car on the road. Your driving license cannot be upgraded into heavy vehicle license (lorry, bus & etc). For Manual License (D), you can drive for both Automatic & Manual transmission car. Your driving license can be upgraded into heavy vehicle license.

Effective September 15, 2023, any individual who presently has either a motorcycle class or motorcar driving licence (LMM) intending to obtain a LMM in the class different to their existing licence is exempted from attending the KPP01 course and theory test for a second time.

For example, someone who has passed the KPP01 theory test for a motorcycle license does not need to do the KPP01 again when testing for a motorcar driving license, and vice versa.

Candidates are however still required to undergo training related to KPP02 (practical, on circuit) and KPP03 (practical, on road) tests at driving institutions for their respective vehicle classes (motorcycle and motorcar). The age eligibility requirement for licences remains unchanged at 16 for a motorcycle licence and 17 for a motorcar driving licence.


Yes you can. If you already have your Motorcycle License (B2) you can upgrade it to Superbike License (B-Full). You can go to JPJ and request for B-Full ‘L’ license. Once you have your ‘L’ license, you can register with us to get discount.

Metro Driving Academy only offers Until Pass Package. 

✔ 3 to 4 Months Course Duration
✔ FREE – 3x Attempts for Theory / Computer Test (If fail)
✔ FREE – UNLIMITED JPJ Practical Test
✔ FREE – Additional 2x Practical Retraining ( For the Second & Third attempt of Final JPJ Practical  Retest )
✔ FREE – Transportation from Selected LRT/ MRT Stations & selected pick up point area.
✔ FREE – Licence L & P
✔ FREE – RM20,000 P.A Insurance for a year
✔ FREE – Food and Drinks Throughout Course 
✔ FREE – Helmet & Safety Vest
✔ Practice & Test Motorcycle – B-Full : Kawasaki Z650 / B2 : Honda EX5
✔ No waiting list for JPJ Practical Test
✔ Experienced Male & Female DRIVING COACHES
✔ Award Winner – Best Driving Academy & 5 Star Rated Driving Academy by JPJ Malaysia & MIROS Malaysia

If you are Internatinal Student or Foreigner, you will have to ensure that your passport and visa is valid for at least next 6 months. Unfortunately with tourist visa, you cant take any license course here in Malaysia. You must have working visa / student visa.

Metro Driving Academy does not offer any ‘kopi-o’ license / ‘kawtim’ license or appoint any agent for driving license matters. All licensing matters must follow the procedures by the Road Transport Department (JPJ)

All matters, training and practical tests are held at the Metro Driving Academy Campus (Subang and Puchong)

All parties are advised to be careful and not be fooled by offers to obtain a driver’s license without a test and offer any services that are much cheaper than the market. If you have an invalid license, you will be subject to legal action

Attire Ethics must be complied by all candidates whenever they are in our campus. Please ensure you follow the guidelines to avoid any unnecessary matters.

First Theory Lecture (KPP01) + Theory Test (Computer) + Practical Test (JPJ), only this 3 class the schedule is fixed. As for your practical CIRCUIT class (KPP02 ) & practical ON THE ROAD class (KPP03), is flexible but depends on our coaches schedule & availability.


You can make the payment on the 1st day of your KPP-01 Theory Class or you can also make an online transfer using JomPAY. JomPay is one of the ONLINE payment facilities provided by Metro Driving Academy. Installment payments will be easier with JomPay besides paying by cash and credit cards.

Classes can begin as soon as you have booked a venue and date that has been confirmed by our customer service officers. Please make sure all the document complete to avoid inconvenience

Yes you may register early to avoid any congestion or difficulties in the peak season. (t&c apply.) Our representative manager will contact you back for further info.

 It takes 3 to 4 Months Course Duration. Depends on teacher’s schedule availibility. 

  •  2x photocopy of your identification (nric, i/d, passport).
  •  2x photocopy of your license (If have).
  •  Payment registration.
  •  2x license size photo with white background
  • Follow the dress code guidelines
  1. Attendance to class KPP-01 is compulsory. Attendance will be taken via thumbprint method. If you do not thumprint, your attendance does not count and you will have to repeat the class.
  2. Cannot represent someone else to replace you to attend the KPP-01 class.

Day : EVERY Saturday & Sunday 
Time : 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM


Day : EVERY Saturday & Sunday
Time : 10.00 AM – 4.00 PM

There is no guarantee of passing the test if you do not read and listen during the theory class (KPP-01) but with our package you are given a FREE 3x Attempts for the Computer Test. Please read all information at the given book and avoid going to the test without proper preparation. You can get KPP Questions apps on google play to answer KPP questions.

Attention For Those Who Have a Problems Below:-

✔ Learning Problem
✔ Failed Computer Test More than 3 times
✔ Failed on Oral Test
✔ OKU Card Holder (Learning Problem)
✔ Illiterate and unable to read

1. Please take Application Form for Legal Road Testing (Part 1) for Illiterate Candidates

2. Attend Theory Courses (KPP-01) for 6 hours

3. Bring the required documents to JPJ to  book an special oral test for computer illiterate candidates

Mon – Wed :
9.00 am – 4.00 pm (with transport)

Sat & Sun : 9.00 am – 4.00 pm (transport is not provided for weekend)

‘L’ License validity is 2 years only. Starting from the date you went for the 1st Lecture of (KPP01). You can renew the ‘L’ License at any JPJ branch or Post Office near to your place within the 2 years. If its exceed 2 years, then you’ll need to start the course over again. Starting with same (KPP01) lecture.

Cannot drive alone unless there is an instructor next to you. For a motor/superbike license, you can ride alone without any passengers behind you.

After you come to the KPP class for 6 hours, successfully pass the computer test, you will be given an ‘L’ license after making the second payment on the first day the practical class starts.

Sure no problem. You can come to our campus for registration. Discounted prices will be given to ‘L’ license holder. Please bring your identity card, ‘L’ license and release letter (if any)

Subang Campus
– Every Thursday from 8.30 am to 2.00 pm

Puchong Campus – Friday (once every 2 weeks) from 8.30 am to 2.00 pm

Yes you can. FREE UNLIMITED JPJ Practical Test. No additional charges apply with the Until Pass Package.

Sure no problem. You can come to our registration counter to book a suitable date.

Car License (D/DA) – RM900 + RM54 (6% SST)
Motor License (B2) – RM350 + RM21 (6% SST)

  • FREE Circuit Practical Class and On The Road (4 Hours)
  • Current Test Trial (QTI): + RM100 (JPJ Rayuan didn’t need to pay)
  • Additional Class: + RM300 (2 hours)
  • Not a Until Pass Package

Once you pass the JPJ Test, the process period for the ‘P’ license to be completed takes approximately 1 – 2 weeks.

License ‘P’ expiration period is 1 year from the date of expiry of the probationary period. Before your ‘P’ license expires, you can convert/renew your ‘P’ license to a CDL competent license (full license) only at the JPJ counter. For those who already have a CDL license (full license) can renew it at the post office or JPJ counter.

For ‘P’ License is 1 year and CDL License is 3 years.

Application for an expired driving license appeal can be done online, in writing or in person at the State/Branch JPJ Office only. Expired driving licenses involve:

Probationary Driving License (PDL) over 1 year
Competent Driving License (CDL) over 3 years
Vocational Driving License (GDL/PSV) over 3 years

Application methods can click this link – How to renew a driver’s license

If you got color blind symptoms

  1. Go to JPJ Licensing Department to take a ‘borang’ from them. You need to give it to your doctor to fill in the information later.
  2. Consult an ophthalmologist (eye specialist). You can find them in some Government Hospital/Clinic or Private Hospital/Clinic **(NEVER CONSULT A GENERAL PHYSICIAN FOR THIS)***
  3. The doctor will likely use an Ishihara Chart (12 colors chart) to test your color blindness. The chart is similar to the JPJ test you did. They will also test your 23 meter eye sight thingy.
  4. Take the borang and hand it in to JPJ
  5. You can now skipped the color blindness test and retake the 50 questions undang test. (you can retake it after a few days)

Age is no barrier as long as you are 16 years old and above. The condition is healthy body and still can read.

No problem. But if your baby are already more than 7 months, we advise you to get confirmation from the doctor at your place check up to avoid any unwanted incidents.

If you have a summons either a police summons or a JPJ summons, there is no problem for you to take a license as long as your summons is not blacklisted. We recommend that you settle up first your summons for us to make your license process will be easier.

At Metro Driving Academy, we have 3 women instructors so you can apply to choose woman instructors you want.

Sure no problem. You need to get a confirmation ‘Form’ from the doctor. Click here for the OKU Health Examination Form

We provide a Refresher Course Package.

Refresher Course: RM300 + 6% SST

  • This charge includes 2 HOURS of Training sessions + Use of Training Vehicle + Driving Instructor + Use of Circuit Space for Training
  • Transportation to our campus is not provided
  • The number of Hours depends on you request.

You can click this link for more info – Refresher Course Package

Yes, there is. We have GDL and PSV Vocational licenses. You can click here Vocational License for more info and registration

You can DOWNLOAD HERE vocational License Application Form (JPJ L8A) for medical check up purpose

Renewal of vocational driving license can be done at State/ Branch JPJ, UTC and JPJ Counter.

There are a number of conditions that must be met to renew your GDL license:

  • The renewal period allowed is 1 year only
  • Not blacklisted
  • Submit a medical report and the validity period of the medical report (Form JPJ L8) does not exceed one (1) year DOWNLOAD HERE  JPJ L8 FORM
  • A competent driving license (CDL) must be valid for more than one (1) year.

Also provide the documents below to complete your renewal process:

  • The original MyKad /Passport or a copy of the applicant’s MyKad /Passport if the transaction is done by a representative
  • The original self -identification of the representative
  • Original or copy Competent Driving License (CDL)
  • Medical Officer’s health verification (Form JPJ L8)
  • 1 piece of color photograph (white background) measuring 25mm x 32mm
  • Payment of RM20.00/year

We have a special PSV E-Hailing License for drivers who want a GRAB license. You can click link here PSV E-Hailing License for more info.

A GDL (Goods Driving License) is a goods vehicle license. It involves transportation that carries goods to transport the goods. Divided into 3 types, namely light cars, heavy heavy cars, and jointed cars. Among the GDL (D) licenses are BTM Light Cars (Small trucks, heavy vans without a load not exceeding 3500kg). GDL (E) licenses are Rigid Heavy Cars and Jointed Heavy Cars. Jointed trucks included in this category are 7500kg unloaded weight (BDM), maximum vehicle weight is BDM 44000kg including trailer trucks, tank trucks and container trucks. Candidates must have a Class E Driving License before taking a Class GDL (E) license.

While the PSV (Public Service Vehicle) License is a public vehicle service license. It’s a license that involves transportation for passengers. Divided into 3 types according to vehicle requirements, namely PSV Van (D), PSV Taxi/Grab (E-hailing), and PSV Bus (E). Candidates need a Full E License first to obtain a PSV Bus (E) license

A Class E license is a BTM car license weighing more than 7500kg. Among the licenses that require a Class E License are the GDL Heavy & Jointed Car License and the PSV Bus License. Without a Class E Full car license candidates are not eligible to take the PSV Bus (E) and GDL Truck (E) licenses. Candidates should have a Class E Driving License before taking a Class GDL (E) license.

There is no computer test for vocational license.

For your info, the process to get a GDL license is:
– 1 day course with our Speakers
– 1 day for Written Test with JPJ

Yes we have. RM800 + RM48 (SST 6%) Until Pass Package

If you interested to get ‘H’ License (Backhoe),  please whatsapp ZUHRAH ➜ 013-362 9915 . Thank You

The maturity period for taking a lorry license (GDL) is one year after obtaining a CDL car license (full license). Only Manual transmission car licenses (D) are allowed to take lorry licenses.